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Many thanks to all of you for your wonderful service, we are really pleased with the house and the quality of service you have to offer.
As a couple we highly recommend you to our friends who wish to buy in Bulgaria as they get an excellent response.

Many thanks again and we will be in touch soon.


Nicky & Dwayne

Bought a house in the village of Pet Mogili, Shumen District in November 2007

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 Hi Sylvia, Many thanks for all, - if you are selling any other properties in Mirovtzi please feel free to give the buyers my email address and I would be happy to tell them of the amenities the village has and also the very warm welcome from the residents and all the help they give - and the natural mineral springs which are fabulous and available free of charge to everyone.


Sarah Smith

Bought a house in the village of Mirovtzi, Shumen District in Feb 2008

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All the best and thanks a lot for your care and attantion, profesionalism and good advice.

Steve Morrissey

 Bought three houses in the village of Nikola Kozlevo and Rujitza, Shumen District in Sept. 2007

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Thanks Georgi

Your a star......and that is what I am telling my friends. I have given your details to a few people in England...

Thanks again
Steve Potter

Bought a former school building in the village of Pchela, Yambol District in December 2007

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Hi Georgi,
We did want to take a few moments to share our feelings about our brief encounter with yourself..

In short, the service you both provided was exemplary, far beyond the call of duty and undoubtedly exceptional. At ridiculously short notice you stepped in, collected us from the airport and rescheduled our entire itinerary into a sensible and productive programme of viewing the extensive list of houses we presented you with.

You quickly recognised our rather wide and ill defined criteria and skilfully adjusted our viewing plan to make the best of our short visit. You made the very long journeys between one region and another informative, descriptive, jolly good fun and absolutely stress free.  How on earth we thought we could to do that travelling, covering such great distances and locate our list of properties alone and without assistance heaven only knows!! Rearranging our hotel bookings to better facilitate our trip was also done with such good grace and diplomacy, making each last minute change of plan seem uncomplicated and effortless, although we know it was certainly not that easy!

It took you no time at all to assess our needs and requirements, finding and suggesting similar properties which suited our specific tastes and particular idiosyncrasies! Again this was executed in a non pushy, inclusive and informed manner which was incredibly helpful and educational.

The concluding legalities on our last day at first appeared to be a momentous task, but here again you ensured a seamless,  traightforward process was afforded us, resulting in a quick and anxiety free closure of business.

We arrived with a tainted, compromised and cynical view of estate agents, born from our extensive dealings with a variety of them in this country, but you up ended this mind set and soon had our undivided attention, trust and respect.

We feel incredibly and un-typically lucky to have stumbled across you both and are sincerely and deeply grateful for you unprecedented help and support. We will, without question, sing your praises to anyone who expresses an interest in living part or full time in Bulgaria. Needless to say we are now chopping at the bit to tie up our affairs here and relocate to the beautiful home you helped us find!

If you ever find yourselves in the UK our door will always be open to you and indeed would love to see you both. It was a privilege to do business  with you and we wish you the very successful future you richly deserve.

With sincere appreciation and very best wishes,

Dawn & Kevin

Bought a house in the village of Jilino, Shumen District in September 2008

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Hi Georgi,

We knew we could trust you. You are a man of your word , which in this day and age is hard to find. We will recommend you and your company to everyone. Our thanks to  Sylvia as well.

Peter and Tatiana

Bought a house in the village of Medovo, Dobrich District in August 2008

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Hi Georgi,

A couple we are good friends with have decided to sell up in England and move over too,so you will definately be getting their move to sort out .....

Cheers,  Adam and Pauline

Bought a house in the village of Lovchantzi, Dobrich District in February 2009

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Hi Georgi

Thanks a lot, we are also very happy.
We look forward to hearing from Sylvia. We will keep in touch in future  as for the arrangements of accounting, help with finding some workers
for renovation etc. I hope this is not our last purchase with you.
best regarts

Piotr Nowak

Bought a house in the village of Lyaskovo, Dobrich District in November 2008

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Coming close to retirement and upon some research I decided that a move to Bulgaria would
offer a financial advantage and present me with easy reach touring areas out of the usual tourist destinations. I was very fortunate to discover a property in the Elhovo area, being handled by Bulgarian Properties 4 sale. I contacted the Managing Director, Georgi Stankov by e-mail and arranged a viewing. I was met at the airport by Georgi and his sales Manager, Nick. They ran me to an Hotel Which was pre-booked by Georgi and arrangements were made for a visit to the property the following morning. Although I decided there and then to purchase the house, Georgi  and Nick organised further viewings to other properties over the ensuing week. This was to allow an accompanying friend the opportunity to consider a possible future purchase. As I had declared my intention to purchase, no charge was made for this service. Within a few weeks all property transfers were smoothly undertaken under the direction of Georgi and his lovely partner, Sylvia. Georgi also arranged and supervised some improvement work on the house over the coming weeks. The service I have received is second to none and the transition has been painless thanks to the able professionalism of the team at Bulgarian Properties 4 sale. I can recommend this Company without reservation as honest reliable and efficient . Offering a friendly and helpful service at all times.

Eoin Hunter.

Bought a house in the village of Tenevo, Yambol District in January 2011

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The experience began with my email to Georgi to view a property he had in the svilengrad area , with prompt response's' we arranged a date and time to meet in the hotel foyer and the first meeting with Georgi,

I found him to be friendly,courteous and not at all pushy, he put no pressure on me and left me to decide on the property with no hassle.

The property was my dream and once the process was started, he dealt with everything and translations from Bulgarian to English was no bother, he set up a company and kept me informed at every oppourtunity .

Above the call of duty is the only things that comes to mind as he also brought us from Turkey to our new house in Bulgaria and after-care is second to none.

Highly recommended to anyone looking to buy property.

Denise Bamforth

Bought a house in the village of Levka, Svilengrad District in January 2011

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Just thought we would drop you a line to show our appreciation for the totally professional way that both you and Sylvia have dealt with the purchase of our property in Preselentsi.
The initial inspection of potential properties, the offer on our chosen one, the acceptance of the offer, the subsequent visits, the barn conversion, the quotes for work, the high speck of the work completed, the regular detailed pictures, the registering of our Company, the power of attorney, the translation service that you offer, the transfer of the property to our Company name and the advice and continued support have all been dealt with in an exceptional manner.
We were at first hesitant, which was understandable, but had nothing to fear. We have not hesitated to recommend you to friends and colleagues and would also recommend anybody who is interested in buying any property in Bulgaria to use your service and your service alone.
I cannot express enough how satisfied we both are and fortunate to have stumbled across your website in the first instance

Steve & Kay Ratcliffe

Bought a house in the village of Preselentzi, Dobrich District in December 2011

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Dear Georgi and Sylvia,
Following my recent visit I would like to thank you both for all the hardwork you have put in to making my visit to Bulgaria a memorable one. You have made purchasing a house so easy,  by guiding me step by step. Not only in matters  concerning the house but where to stay, where to eat, and transport car hire ,buses etc.  I cannot thank you enough. I really don't know where Georgi gets the energy, but he keeps me informed and up to date regarding the project development and any changes I may need to know.  And I look forward to  moving to Bulgaria shortly. Once again thank you so much!

Owen Rennalls, London

Bought a Former School Building in the village of Malko Sharkovo, Yambol District in August 2011

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I would like to share my good luck and choice of estate agents in Bulgaria, i was very fortunate to choose Georgi and Sylvia when purchasing my property last year in the Yambol region, not only was the property fantastic, the service that they both offered me was second to none, the care and dedication they both give to their customers is truly inspirational. If there were any doubts or concerns i had when thinking of buying abroad,they were very quickly dismissed after meeting them both,during my visits and contacting me when back in England

If anyone is considering buying in Bulgaria there is no other choice in my eyes faultless service, not only have i purchased a property i feel i have also gained to very special friends,and they both go beyond what anyone would expect when buying a property, no other choice in my eyes of who to choose when buying a property.

P Ruby

Bought a house in the village of Skalitza, Yambol District in August 2011

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 Purchasing my property through Georgi, was the easiest thing I could have
done - He was at hand to help me move, and, has been a great help since
moving also.

A very open and help full guy, and also very friendly - how many estate

agents can you say that about???

He is the real deal - I purchased my first property in Bulgaria via an

English agent,and now, if I were to purchase again, I would only use Georgi
- there is no selling bull, and Georgi genuinely wants to help you find the
property that you are looking for.

Many thanks Georgi,


Bought a house in the village of Melnitza, Yambol District in August 2012

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'Thank you both for your help with our recent purchase, you have been most
helpful! We are very pleased you were able to find us the best location and
the perfect house, the villagers seem very friendly and we hope to have
completed most of the renovations in time for the harvest festival next
year so we can attend. We highly recommend your services to people looking
for property and look forward to seeing you both again in the spring.

Best wishes,

Marc and Sarah

Bought a Former School Building in the village of Kirilovo, Yambol District in September 2012

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I have recently purchased a property in Yambol, and am leaving the UK to live there permanently in November 2012.

Georgi and Sylvia have provided an excellent service, from the viewing trip right through to the renovations. Buying a property through Georgi and Bulgarian Properties 4 Sale has been a hassle free adventure, and far more straight forward than the process of selling my house here in the UK!

They have helped through every step, from advice to hospitality. Communication throughout the process has been excellent; they have kept in regular contact by email, providing updates on the legalities and the progress of the renovations.

Buying a property abroad is daunting, and difficult to know who to trust. I recommend Georgi and his team to anyone considering a move to Bulgaria, an outstanding and dedicated company, reliable and honest.

Thank you for all your support, much appreciated.

Dee Hill

Bought a house in the village of Goliamo Krushevo, Yambol District in August 2012

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My entire experience, from contacting through the website to receiving the final paperwork, has been easy and comfortable. All communication has been swift, with an openness and clarity that inspired confidence.

 Andrew Cox

Bought a former school building in the village of Sedlari , Kardzhali District in June 2013


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Where do you start when the service you have received is just so good that you have difficulty putting it into words!! Well that is what happened to us, when we 'stumbled' across Bulgarian Properties 4 Sale on the Internet. Everything positive just went from there.


On meeting up with Georgi and Sylvia in Varna, and spending the day being driven around - not only being shown the houses we'd previously short listed as being suitable, they inadvertently gave us a 'sight seeing' tour we could never have imagined - Georgi going out of his way to show us things in the most open and frank manner, and explain little details of all things Bulgarian along the way. Everything was extremely relaxed and showed that Estate Agents do not have to follow the English model. Chalk and cheese springs to mind!!!


Next step - meeting up to view houses in the Yambol area - again flawless with excellent communication - and it just had to be the very last property (a day before we were due to fly back) that ticked all our boxes. "No problem" was the response from Georgi and Sylvia "leave it with us" - and so we did without a moment of uncertainty on our part - 'cos between them they just radiated confidence and trust. And we were right - everything has been completed, they have kept us informed throughout and we are now planning our route to drive to our beautiful retirement house in the middle of January.


Without a doubt anyone in a similar position to us would be absolutely crazy not to, at least, consult with Georgi and Sylvia from Bulgarian Properties 4 Sale as we are absolutely convinced you will receive a 100% + service.


Thank you in all sincerity




Bought a house in the village of Granitovo, Yambol District in December 2013

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BRILLIANT - just - BRILLIANT. Forget any stereotypical images of Estate Agents and think:-


1.    Big cuddly bloke in torn jeans

2.    Beguiling Balkan lady putting up with above

3.    Two confused English people

4.    Said beguiling Balkan lady putting up with 1 and 3!!!!


Add in:-

1.    Lots and lots of effort

2.    Heaps of interesting local knowledge

3.    Tips on associated issues

4.    Superb communication

5..    An approach that goes well beyond client/agent basis



1.    Great visit culminating in purchase of dream property

2.    Meeting 2 fabulous people and a very nice agent to be!! (i.e. daughter)

3.    Fond memories!!!

4.    They know some great restaurants


To look forward to:-

A tasting of Georgi's home produced wine and one of Sylvia's mushroom based dishes - they know what we mean!!!!



A perfect 10 +


To sum up:-

PERFECTION - cannot possibly recommend too highly



Bought a house in the village of Granitovo, Yambol District in December 2013

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Me and my partner Julie would like to thank you both Sylvia and George and Bulgarian Properties For Sell for helping us to buy a wonderful property in the village of Popovo. From meeting us at Sofia airport to talking us to a nice hotel and then showing us round some wonderful properties you made our experience very special and one we will never forget. You made it very easy for us and helped us to understand the traditions in Bulgaria.
You made the buying process very easy and communications were fantastic  I would recommend Bulgarian Properties For Sale to anyone! They are a down to earth hard working and very professional in what they do. We cannot thank them enough.
Once again we  thank you very much Sylvia and George.

Stuart and Julie

Bought a house in the village of Popovo, Yambol District in March 2014

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Georgi and Sylvia are not only great real estate agents, but great friends as well. From the first visit viewing properties to the final move, they have been constantly available with advice, help and lots of patience.


Their work has been invaluable and it's all because of Georgi and Sylvia that we now own a magnificent 700 m2 mansion in the most beautiful mountain setting with a park for a garden - and we don't even have a mortgage!


We wholeheartedly recommend these lovely people and their services to anyone wishing to purchase a property in Bulgaria. 


Thank you, guys! We would have been lost without you. :)


Signe & Simon, A couple of Danes who moved from the UK to Bulgaria.

Bought a house in the village of Sedefche, Kurdzhali District in April 2014

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Hi Sylvia

Thank you both so much for your help with the purchase of our house, the experience was really painless. Everything was so professional I would certainly not have a problem recommending your company to anyone!

Dennis & Benita

Bought a house in the village of Odrintsi, Dobrich District in 2014

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  I concluded the purchase of my house in Tenevo in January 2011. Purchasing the property from Georgi and Sylvia, I have since enlisted their help with ongoing improvements and modernization. Recently Georgi was involved with the planning, costing and supervision  of the conversion of an old barn into a holiday chalet. The finished result is a beautiful modern holiday home built to a high standard, completed in time and within budget. I have previously offered up a testimonial of the fantastic service received from bulgarian properties 4 sale. I would like to confirm that this service is ongoing and that Georgi and Sylvia have the unique characteristic of being not only excellent agents but a very good friends too!

Eoin Hunter

Renovated a barn in the village of Tenevo, Yambol District in 2014

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In March 2015 we started looking for a property in Bulgaria. After finding Bulgarian Properties for sale online we arranged to visit at the beginning of April.
Georgi and Sylvia met us at the airport and arranged a hotel. We spent three days with them house hunting. They were hospitable and nice and easy to get on with. There was no pressure.

We found our ideal property and registered our intent. We returned to the UK wondering if all would be well!

As a police officer I was skeptical about everything and Georgi and Sylvia reassured us throughout the process keeping up good communication at every step.
Throughout, they have done everything for us. Even down to attending the auction and completing the purchase on our behalf.

As customers new to the process in Bulgaria we feel Georgi and Sylvia took us under their wing and looked after us. They have made the whole buying process as simple as possible which has made it stress free and an enjoyable experience.

They have gone above and beyond your wildest dreams of what an estate agent would do. They even provided practical help when our car broke down in Belgium on our recent across Europe drive to our new home!

We can recommend 'Bulgarian Properties for sale' for providing an excellent service. We see Georgi and Sylvia as friends that we trust completely. Thank you for all you have done for us.

Nik and Emma.
Cambridge UK.

Bought a former school building in Kurdzhali District in 2015

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 If you are looking to use an estate agent to buy your property in Bulgaria I would highly recommend using Sylvia and Georgi at Bulgarian Property 4 Sell.  I used many different agents in my search and found them to be the most fair and honest....especially with regards to viewing cost!  Georgi was helpful and knowledgeable regarding any possible construction or renovations needed to properties and Sylvia is just a wealth of knowledge you can tap into regarding ...well pretty much most stuff.  The legals were all carried out efficiently and swiftly and even after sales service has been fantastic, with Sylvia answering a multitude of questions from myself even after I arrived at my house in Bulgaria.  Any bills etc were kept up to date until I arrived (8 months later) and Sylvia helped me with these processes once I was here.  I found them both to be honest, trustworthy and helpful. If anyone would like to contact me regarding my experience then Sylvia has my permission to put them in touch with me!

Carol Lindsay

Bought a house in Gabrovo District in 2015

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Fast, efficient and honest was my experience of Bulgarian Properties 4 sale.  They say buying a house can be one of the most stressful things you can do. With Bulgarian Properties For Sale it couldn't be further from the truth. I did one trip to Bulgaria and that was the day I chose my property. Sylvia and Georgi took care of all the paperwork and inside 10 weeks I owned a property. I saw a property in Sept and it was purchased with all the paperwork completed inc English Translation by Dec. I only had to do one trip to Bulgaria and since then Sylvia and Georgi have guided me through the process keeping me updated at every stage making the whole house buying experience stress free.


Steve Hallam

Bought a former school building in Mramor in 2015

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I cannot recommend Bulgarian Properties 4 Sale enough.  Estate agents are usually classed in the same category as lawyers - an evil necessity of life.  And especially if you are buying a property abroad, you are very wary of who you deal with.  But not Georgi and Sylvia.  They are professional and friendly and go out of their way to help you both with the purchase and after sales service.  I decided on the house in mid May and went back to the UK.  They handled everything and I moved in at the end of July 2015.  The whole experience was extremely stress free.  Since then they have helped with getting my residency card, registering my car, and several other things which can be difficult to sort out in a foreign country but made so much easier with their assistance.  If you are looking for a property in Bulgaria and you choose this company then I can assure you that you won't be disappointed.


Richard Phillips

Bought a house in Elhovo area in 2015

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 Thanks to Sylvia and Georgi for a brilliant job, it was stress free and the after service was excellent!!! We would thoroughly recommend to other people looking to move to Bulgaria!


Tina and Julian White

Bought a house in Bolyarovo area in 2016

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 "I thoroughly recommend Bulgaria Properties For Sale Ltd.  We bought a house in Yunets in 2016 with the help of Georgi and Sylvia. Their builders renovated it, finishing in September 2016. In retrospect we were amazing lucky to have found
Bulgaria Properties For Sale Ltd. We do not speak Bulgarian and found that Georgi and Sylvia made the process simple. They understood what we wanted during the purchase and the renovation, and worked had to turn the house into what we wanted.

I have found them both to be completely honest in their approach. They are both extremely helpful; they turned what could have been a worrying and stressful project into an exciting and rewarding experience. I cannot recommend them enough. “

Malcolm Harbour

Bought a house in Varna area in 2016

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Hi Sylvia, I would just like to thank you and Georgi from the bottom of our harts. Without you our dream would not have come true. Both my Fiance and I been severely dyslexic this whole dream would have been a mine field for us and it just would not have happened. I laid my cards on the table with you and you took the rains and told me what to do step by step and in legal terms. I know you have done so much more behind the scene for us. I laid my trust in you Sylvia, and you repaid me with genuine loyalty and trust. Actions speak louder than words for me and your actions are something to be proud of.


Last year in 2017 my trust in people was shattered as I was conned out of £ 4 500 in a car buying scam, but thanks to my friends that you helped buy a property in BG, put us in touch with you, and it is you that has helped seal that wound.


Thank you Sylvia, thank you for everything! We are really looking forwards to finally meeting you and Georgi in 2018 and I will spread the word to all about your great work. The biggest warmest hug’s from Heather and I, hope to see you soon!


Mark Williamson

Bought a house in Bolyarovo area in 2017

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